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Ink Master2!

So this last episode was great. The focus was detail. Here's the run-down:
1) Baby's wasn't bad, but her lion got ripped on. I didn't think it was horrible, bad yes, but not horrible and kinda fit with her composition. Yes, it did kinda look like a stuffed animal. 
2) Jamie got pissed cause his client didn't want New School. Sorry, not everyone is into cartoons being permanent on their body; I know I don't. 
3) Josh did an ass-crack tattoo. It wasn't terrible, but it was voted the worst of the day and most likely cause of placement and the weird water/claws/fingers for the background.
4) Craig: Well, his was nice, but the background tripped him up. Less is more. 
5) Jason: Bad Dragon. People think you can get away with bending and swirling as long as it's bright and colorful and the head and claws as clearly defined...not this time; not with judges who know their shit and this just happens to be what two of them are experts in. 
6) Jakie...Her tiger had ripples in it. It's shoulder had a three-pack and it had more stripes than a zebra; and again the background was a mistake. 
7) ES...another tiger and again, like the dragon, it got twisted into an odd shape that didn't make sense: just cause your client thinks it's "cool" doesn't make it good and worse, sooner or later someone will show them the issues and they'll be pissed. 

There was NO tattoo of the day. That was a burn! 
At the end, a few tattooers were bitching about how tough they've had it. Just sad. Honestly, I don't understand it. It's called INK MASTER.

Finally, Made Rich...
During his critique he was talking shit about the subject matter. 
Now, I don't know about you, but if I open myself to someone's judgement: conceding either their greater mastery or at least respecting their opinion on the topic—which is what it means to go on any of these skill-challenge shows. I'm not going to then to excuse my b.s by saying I don't like what I was challenged to do: it was "too simple" so I had to "dumb it down" nor am I going to make condescending faces when they're calling me out on it at the end. 
So yes, you've guessed it: 
Made was MADE to go and without a fortune cookie to ease his wounded pride. 


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I have seen it. Better than expected.

*Star Lord and Mystique deliver :)