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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ink Master is BACK!

Yep. It's back!
So let's do the rundown since we're already two episodes in. 
They had to earn their shops this time, which was a fun and cool concept. By watching them do Convention Style Tattooing, you got to see a range of their skills. Most everyone did ok, with a few pointers needed here'n'there: Matti Hixson, Scott Marshall and Sausage (yes, that's his name) rounding out the overall best. Then they got into the final tattoos of the day, which was their choice...David Bell did a crushed skull and since he didn't represent it as being such, I think that's why he got picked out for it not being "readable"; but I think it was a cool. Randy Vollink did a water-color ship, which didn't look bad, but wasn't up to par. Keith Diffenderfer did an ugly, ghoulish woman...SORRY, no one wants an ugly chick on their body, I don't care who you are and the judges told him so. Everyone else kinda fell in the middle thereafter across the board. At the end, Damon Butler was let go, dropped on first show. He had some skill, but not good enough to stay; though I feel Roland Pacheco's go-to style was weaker than Butler's DOTD Girl. 
On the next episode, they had to take pictures of their composition and then tattoo it...the problem was, they were working with bugs: scorpions and tarantellas. Again, Matti was on top, but ousted by Halo, though I think Matti's was better. Then everyone had to tattoo an EYE BALL. Halo, Scott, Matti and Sausage did good work; showed lots of skill, depth. Kyle Dunbar, who was voted back this season, is once again crawling up his ass and making things hard on himself. Randy beat the hell-out've his client with an overworked tattoo. Roland once again showed he doesn't need to be doing anything but his go-to Polynesian Style. Then came my second favorite part of the episode: Chris Nunez broke down some geometry knowledge all over Melissa Monroe...if you get a chance, go back and listen. DUDE'S GOT SOME BRAINS! but he was nice about it, though you know another verbal smackdown is coming this season. Finally, last but not least, my favorite part: CRYBABY Ashley Bennentt, who'd been sobbing, sulking or nervously bitching for the last two episodes, finally broke down and walked off...OHHHHh, I forgot when early she went to the two other female tattooers and suggested that crying was something that all women do but also that they'd do the same thing if blah blah blah. I loved how the badass ladies replied that Ashley needed to suck it up and get strong, cause she's making female tattooers look bad. It was great...So, since Ashley walked off, Roland was once again, in my opinion, saved from going home and also no one won best tattoo of the day.

This is going to be a fun season. 

Watch InkMaster!    

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