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Cap Marvel!

So, for me, this movie was 8/10
A few bits here kept it from a 10/10 and honestly some of that might be the fact it's the last solo movie 10+yrs into this storyline and I'm just ready to have the whole team together and doing their thing to end Thanos; which I'm so excited to see the new CAP among them, trading combos and verbal quips as they battle to fix the universe :)
The last reason why it's not at least a 9/10, is the fact I'm a bit torn.  You see, I feel perhaps that we overlooked a per-existing Cap Marvel and maybe she should've been the one to get the movie? Maybe Carol should've been the one inspired to take up the mantel sometime in the future......but Marvel has its reasons and I wager they bet a newly rising star's power to influence the greater life of Marvel and the Avengers in phases and stories to come. 
Perhaps a young Photon will be running the show one day?