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The Force Awakens!

It could've gone either way and either way would've been fine for this Bat Fan. :)

Some new Amazon REVIEWS! Thanks.

Lady Amanuet-
Though I enjoy fantasy it is not a genre I usually default to. Genesis was recommended to me by a friend because of our mutual like of Dune. I was very impressed with this debut work! The worlds and characters are richly developed and Garret does a great job of drawing the reader in. I am excited to read the next installment!
I gave this 4 instead of 5 because the complexity of the universe Garret created can be a bit confusing at times and the length can be a bit overwhelming to some.

Wonderful world you can sink your teeth into. Story telling executed in a fantastic style that makes you want to keep reading. The characters jump off the page and make you believe in their journey. Good till then end. When is the next one?

This book was phenomenal! I am eagerly anticipating the next volume of this series! Wade, hurry it up!!! The characters are so full of depth, deep dialog, and detail that in reading, I felt I could hear them next to me if …

Mr. Rothfuss' thoughts on Literary Snobbery...

Here's Pat Rothfuss on literary-academic snobbery, after a professor at UW-Madison told students that going to hear him read wouldn't count for class credit BECAUSE HE WRITES FANTASY!

Well said Pat.