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5 Most Common Writing Mistakes, otherwise known as WTF Moments, by Jefferson Smith.

The 5 Most Common Writing Mistakes That Break Reader ImmersionAugust 26, 2014, by Jefferson Smith
Today marks the publication of the 50th review in my ImmerseOrDie indie book review series. For those who don’t regularly follow it, the premise is simple: every morning I step onto my treadmill, open a new indie ebook, and begin my daily walk, reading the book for as long as I can maintain my immersion. When that immersion has broken three times, I stop, and write up a short report of what caused my attention to wander. This article today is a reflection on the first 50 such reviews, and a synthesis of A) whether or not I’ve been consistent in my evaluations, and B) trends I’m seeing in the causes of those immersion breaks.
Distribution To begin the analysis, I started with a simple graph. How many of the first 50 reports lasted less than 5 minutes, how many ran between 5 and 10 minutes, how many from 10 to 15, and so on. For most measurements of human behavior, this kind of…

Readers' Favorite FIVE STARS!!!

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite
I am in awe of anyone who even decides to attempt a tale this big. I am even more in awe of someone who completes at least one book in such a saga. If Wade Garret can complete the entire Kingdom Come series he may well take his place among the literary gods of epic fantasy fiction. Genesis is book one of the Kingdom Come series and Wade Garret sets the tone and whets our appetite for the rest of the tale. At almost three hundred and fifty pages, Genesis is a tale unto itself. Yet the saga is just beginning and we can anticipate a long and exciting journey. William and Jak are the Father-Son team at the center of Genesis. They are farmers working their own plot of land in a land and economy clouded by war. When William disappears for a year without warning or explanation, we have to conclude that there is more to this farmer than meets the eye.

Genesis is such a huge tale and there are so many interesting characters that you ca…

#9 digital formats: Was $3.98 NOW $2.98!!!!!

I was just on the site and saw this, not sure how long it'll be a dollar cheaper.