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2015 Resolution for Writers: Be BIG (And Then, Be Small) by Chuck Wendig

Resolutions born of the new year are always a curious breed. They’re often criticized as change-filled (but empty) promises born more of the tradition of the date rather than as something you should do daily as part of the normal growth-and-learning cycle of we hairless orangutans prancing about on this little blue green bouncy ball winging its way through space.
New Year Resolutions are perhaps like cards at Christmas: bought, filled with the rote script, placed on a mantle for a few weeks, then inevitably tossed in the bin with the other holiday trash.
It’s true, to a point. But, just the same: one year to the next, one date to another, is a mark in time. Artificial, but hey, all of human society is artificial and it’s no less significant for its invention by us. The year is a bone suddenly broken — snap. And in that sharp shock of transition, if what we get is an urge to change? So fucking be it. The ideal state would be that we change when we need to, not when the …

Are you a BAT FAN?

Lord Of The Rings Mythology in 4min

FIRST BOOK GIVEAWAY is over...maybe not?

Thanks to everyone who entered to win the copies—it was awesome to see the numbers climb as more and more people learned about it. Reaching so many avid readers is all an author can hope for. Plenty of you also stopped by this blog, my FB and my Twitter. :) In the end, 278 people entered to win the free copies and of that, 155 people now have it on their to-read list. Cheers!

The WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!  I really hope you enjoy it.  *The books should be in the mail as soon as I get a day off to ship them*
To those who didn't win, I appreciate you taking the time to enter. Great to know a lot of F/SF fans are interested in my work. Now, if you'd like me to put more copies up for a giveaway, shoot me a message, but lets make a game of it. If 279 people direct tweet, email or FB message me that you'd be interested in another few copies offered through #Goodreads, I'll do it.

Lets see how long this takes. :)