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Be Honest—Darth Maul: Love to Hate and Hate to Love.

Who didn't want to see Star Wars Phantom Menace simply cause of Maul? That's right, everyone. HE was the guy! THE MAN! You wanted him to kick ass and take names and leave a swath of dead Jedi in his path. He was so cool. So bad ass. His tattoos. His horns. All in black. COME ON! You loved it. You loved him. He was the most popular character in the new movie(s). The most popular toy. The most popular costume. Everything his image was put on was GOLD.
Then the day came and you saw it. Sure he didn't talk alot. Sure he really wasn't the main bad guy—Darth Sidious/Palpataine kinda made him into more of a henchmen, assassin instead of being the #1 Sith in-charge, but ya know what, you didn't care. Why? HE was awesome! A Duel Light Saber! HE had a huge two-on-one duel with Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn, who he finally killed after having earlier fought him in the movie. That was the "Lets Get to Know Each Other" round. :)
Then it happened. :(
You were hoping…

Kingdom Come: WORLD MAP 2! (Mostly Done)

!!!!!THIS IS JUST MOSTLY DONE!!!!! Thoughts?

Kingdom Come: WORLD MAP!

The Great Angela R. Sasser is doing another round of amazing work for me. This is just the beginning. :)

Defending Man of Steel.

1 The movie was great, so I'm going to skip any minor thoughts or opinions I have about specific moments or sequences I thought could've been done differently.  I'm just going to jump right in. I'm over the perfect Superman. The bedtime Superman, who, no matter what, always makes lemonade from a bag of horrible, rotten lemons.  I like this new interpretation of Superman's beginning. A Superman, who, with all his powers, is, at times, unable to put the world back together...'cause ya know what, sometimes horrible things happen and you can't save everyone; especially while you're trying to save your own life, because you're the only one who can stop the utter destruction of the world.  Question: Ever watch the old Superman/JL(U) cartoons; ever read comics?  *@!% gets blown up all the time. Buildings fall. Explosions happen. There's a ton of destruction spread for miles. We just "assume" the people live. Why? 'Cause for the most part, …

5th Amazon review!

Thanks Erin Keahey "Wonderful world you can sink your teeth into. Story telling executed in a fantastic style that makes you want to keep reading. The characters jump off the page and make you believe in their journey. Good till the end. When is the next one?"


Yep, it's true. I now have a cell phone.
Well, now I do and it's a pretty nice one; though I've no idea how to use most of it's functions and when I recently tried to use the Navigation App I quickly found myself wanting to throw THE DAMN THING OUT THE %^&*?@# WINDOW!
Anyway *going to my happy place* you can now follow me on @WadeJGarret