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Face OFF3

So here we go again with another exciting episode of Face OFF. Rule #1 for this episode: Knowing what the word whimsical means, which, to be honest, I kinda felt like the Judges didn't have a unified understanding of it. I don't blame them though 'cause if any of the contestants looked at any art related to Mother Goose, they would've know what they should and shouldn't do.
Whimsical: 1: full of, actuated by, or exhibiting whims (see whim)) 2a: resulting from or characterized by whim or caprice; especially:lightly fanciful<whimsical decorations>b : subject to erratic behavior or unpredictable change. Also:spontaneously fanciful or playful; given to whims; capricious, quaint, unusual, or fantastic. The Crooked Man Was turned into a monster; nothing whimsical about it...which is why both artists failed the challenge. The Spider Was cute, he kinda had a smile and I liked the rose. I think he could've been more whimsy, but you could at least seen their inte…

Ink Master2!

So this last episode was great. The focus was detail. Here's the run-down: 1) Baby's wasn't bad, but her lion got ripped on. I didn't think it was horrible, bad yes, but not horrible and kinda fit with her composition. Yes, it did kinda look like a stuffed animal.  2) Jamie got pissed cause his client didn't want New School. Sorry, not everyone is into cartoons being permanent on their body; I know I don't.  3) Josh did an ass-crack tattoo. It wasn't terrible, but it was voted the worst of the day and most likely cause of placement and the weird water/claws/fingers for the background. 4) Craig: Well, his was nice, but the background tripped him up. Less is more.  5) Jason: Bad Dragon. People think you can get away with bending and swirling as long as it's bright and colorful and the head and claws as clearly defined...not this time; not with judges who know their shit and this just happens to be what two of them are experts in.  6) Jakie...Her tiger ha…

Face OFF2

And another bites the dust.  I re-post this pic simply because I find it odd that they're sitting beside each other. Odd.
Anyway, if you saw the episode I'm so late talking about you know that Samantha Allen is gone.  Was it her fault? Yes and No. Yes = 'Cause she didn't speak up about the horrible idea her team went with but also because her makeup wasn't really that great—we'll expand upon this in a moment. No = 'Cause even if she did, I don't think Miranda Jordy would've listened (which will likely end up biting her later) and I don't think co-rookie Eddie Holecko would've backed her up: I don't have the video at hand, but I'm almost positive he didn't really say anything or question Jordy's idea. 
Now, to my overall issue with this latest makeup 
Honestly, how many makeups felt like Frankenstein?  Or do all reanimated corpses + bride always =
I don't think they do or that they should.
I can only go so far as saying th…

Ben as the Bat

Ok, so he's the next Batman... That's not really my concern. He's got the acting chops to do it and I'm sure when they go to work on his physique and his knowledge of all things Batman, he'll be ready. No, I don't want to hear about Daredevil or any other bad movie he's ever done—if we thought like that, most great movies wouldn't get made for fear of what any actor did once upon a time.
So let's look at my concerns for this movie.
1) This Batman won't be what we get this go'round—Bat fans know what I'm talking about. I loved Bale, I loved this Trilogy; I love Nolan's world/version of Batman...but like a different comic series, though this new take on the Caped Crusader will have a variety of the same themes and plot points, it'll be something else. Bigger. It has to be, specifically because the Boy Scout is involved. If people can't scrub what Bale/Nolan did from their minds, it's going to really hurt the movie.


Ink Master!

What can I say, I love this show. I'm still a novice with tattoos: I have 5 small ones and a big back piece that's unfinished; but this show has taught me to really make sure I get what I pay for. Also, to realize what I'm paying for is worth it—I don't want to be around my family or friends with busted tattoos.
This season has started off great. Let's do the Need-To-Knows: 1) Everyone is glad M.M (can't say his name without laughing) is gone; his mouth killed me, but Chris Nunez shot him down when he tried to defend his tattoo. Don't remember the line and couldn't find it online, but it was great. Go back and watch the episode and you'll see what I'm talking about. 2) James "Danger" Harvey got a raw deal; his client was a pain and sent him packing.  3) Everyone needs to gun for Craig Foster. He's the one to watch right now.
The rest of the cast kinda rides the middle, some highs, some one is shining every week; don'…

Face OFF!!!!!

So glad it's back!!!!!!!
I hope the newbies can keep up with the Vets—I'll be honest, I'm not sure all the Vets should be there.
Anyway, just watched the first episode today.  Here's the run-down in no particular order: 1) Adolfo B. Rivera got lucky with his dwarf pig-man. You can tell he's only going to push harder. 2) It wasn't a good day for Ogers...too bad too. 3) The Fawns were my favorite and though I loved Laney Parkhurst's facial hair choices, I liked Roy Wooley's horns and nose more.
4) Both Pixies were well done.
5) Though I liked the Vets team concept—yep, often choose the team with the Dark Fantasy Theme, go figure—I hated the fingers on the back of Laura Tyler's Witch, which was otherwise very good. And yes, maybe it looked cool (to some) or was kinda a new/cool idea; to me, if it doesn't make sense, if its real purpose is clear outside visuals, I don't care for it.
6) Finally, Steve Tolin: got to learn to take the heat and ke…

Beta-readers Essay

Since I've just finished my edits, I got to thinking about another crucial part of the process, which reminded me of an essay a friend sent to me years ago:


Ahh, beta-readers—that elusive yet oh-so-critical component of any piece of literature hoping to grow up into something more. As authors, we hear about them all the time and why we should have an entourage of them at our disposal. But what is a beta-reader? Is one as good as the next? How do they differ from an editor? And how exactly do we go about getting one?

Though I can’t promise a fail-proof guide to finding the perfect beta, I can offer some advice garnered mostly from personal opinion and experience. Hopefully this will help you in your search for that elusive critter of the literary world. But in order to teach you how to catch them, I first have to un-teach you, therefore we’ll start this little foray into the field of writing with some:


1. Beta-readers and editors are the same thing


Edits are done!!!!!

Yes, it's true. They're done. :)

It took a lot longer than expected, but I'm so happy. Dying to see the final product now!
Release date coming soon!