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Inkbox! Check it out!

See anything cool?
Link has officially launched to readers! Today, Inkbok begins offering unlimited reading of books, short stories, poetry, articles and more for just $4.95 a month. The Inkbok community enables you to connect with other readers and authors through chats, personal blogs, messaging, friend requests, ratings and reviews. You can search and discover thousands of books and other works, build your own personal digital library, and share it with others.

Launching is just the beginning. In the coming weeks and months, we will be continually adding more content and new features, such as a bookstore, an app for iOS and Android, and new e-reader elements.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support, encouragement, and for helping us to spread the word! We could not have done it without you.

Sign up today for unlimited reading on Inkbok, and don't forget to tell your friends and family the news!

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: thi…

Star Wars: The Clone Wars. My REVIEW of LAST 13!!!!

So, lots of spoilers coming, but I think it's fair, because The Lost Missions, which spoiled for me very quickly, should've remained LOST. First, let me say, I've been going around online and reading a variety of reviews detailing these LAST episodes of Star Wars acclaimed Clone Wars Series, which, despite issues existing throughout Star Wars, was, nevertheless, a pretty good show. However, these last 13 episodes they opted to reveal, instead of others they could've made in the first place, displays, at least to me, why prequels aren't really satisfactory in the end. 
Ok, so lets go over them one by one. !!!!SPOILERS!!!!
1) Ep 1 CONDITION UNKNOWN; Ep 2 CONSPIRACY; Ep 3 FUGITIVE; Ep 4 ORDERS:  This is the first known/reported issues of ORDER 66 going into action.  Clone Tups murders a Jedi in the middle of battle. He's then arrested and returned to Kamino for inspection since it seems he's gone nuts. There, Clone Fives requests to stay by Tups' side til…

It was amazing! Neil deGrasse Tyson is the MAN!

First BIG-TIME Author to read/review my book. Very excited.

P. Rawlik, from Amazon:
Genesis is a magnificent debut and something Wade Garret should be proud of. The scope is reminiscent of some of the epic series of the 70s and 80s, and will draw comparisons to Dune and the Wheel of Time. Garret has created a grand example of world building, full of a fascinating landscape, people and technology that should serve him well in the future as he returns to it in future installments. His characters are rich and well-developed, and their motivations are clear and reasonable. The combination of setting and characters creates an enjoyable and exciting tale that draws the reader in and won't let them go.

However, in the interest of balance there are some sections of the book that drag, and it could use a good editor to deal with some grammatical and structural issues, but these are minor and really do not detract from the book. Wade Garret should be pleased with himself and readers of SF should watch for his future releases.


Two Things!

1) If you're not watching're making my hart sad. :( This is an amazing show and for anyone that ever made fun Matthew McConaughey, I challenge you to watch this and not think how great of an actor he is. I'd say the same thing about Woody, but if you've ever seen Natural Born Killers, yeah, you pretty much already knew that about him.

2) What is happening to this show?  More and more things about this season are bothering me, it's like they're spreading to fill.  !!!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!!! A) Carl's "growing up" episode. I feel like Carl should be beyond/over it. And how could he be so proficient and smart about killing Zombies and clearing houses/rooms in previous seasons, but make these silly mistakes? Truthfully, at some point, I was hoping that Rick was dead; if you beat a man near death so he's unconscious for that long *Brain Swell* yep, he-gonna-die in ZOMBIE WORLD. B) Beth NEEDS A DRINK??? This was horrible to watch, but the wh…

Ink Master is BACK!

Yep. It's back! So let's do the rundown since we're already two episodes in.  FIRST!  They had to earn their shops this time, which was a fun and cool concept. By watching them do Convention Style Tattooing, you got to see a range of their skills. Most everyone did ok, with a few pointers needed here'n'there: Matti Hixson, Scott Marshall and Sausage (yes, that's his name) rounding out the overall best. Then they got into the final tattoos of the day, which was their choice...David Bell did a crushed skull and since he didn't represent it as being such, I think that's why he got picked out for it not being "readable"; but I think it was a cool. Randy Vollink did a water-color ship, which didn't look bad, but wasn't up to par. Keith Diffenderfer did an ugly, ghoulish woman...SORRY, no one wants an ugly chick on their body, I don't care who you are and the judges told him so. Everyone else kinda fell in the middle thereafter across t…