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How did Ant Man get out????????????????

*Yes, I'm still holding out for a F4 exp/involvement :)


A new Clown Prince

Clearer on TMZ

Infinity Gauntlet....I mean, War. I meant War.

Ok, I've waited long enough and again, you've all likely talked about this epic movie to death.

So, let's talk about it some more. :)

First, let's jump into the rating: 8 out of 10.

You can guess all the reasons why it's 8
* Action was awesome.
* Cast was awesome.
* Seeing all the amazing characters together was awesome.
* Scale was awesome (NY, SPACE, WAKANDA)
* Dialogue between characters was awesome.

Ok, now, why wasn't it a 10 out of 10?

Can you guess?

THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Spoilers ahead.

*I mean it.

*I'm not kidding.

The Ending:

Nope, I'm not really a fan of the ending.
Because as it's become more apparent since seeing the movie for some, I KNEW while watching, that the Deaths were bullshit. And yes, that matters to me.

Why does it matter?
BECAUSE they couldn't actually pull the trigger—even with Thanos being the bad guy who they've hyped for a decade—and kill off character A, who needed to die, in my opinion, inorder to show a tr…

Black Panther (review)

I've seen it and the review will be coming, safe to say, it's now tied as my favorite MARVEL TITLE/Single-Hero movie. The other being Captain America: Winter Solider (and if you know the history between Black Panther and Cap, this makes perfect sense :))

Ok. Wow. So, yeah, I'm soooooooooo far behind on this review it's basically pointless to write.
Too bad I'm still going to do it, but it's not going to be nearly as long or as indepth as it might've been had I not been a lazy ass.


The best part of Black Panther, aside from the only other topic I'll briefly cover (because by now you all should've seen the movie at least twice) is how NEW and FRESH and NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE this world is.

The landscapes. The colors. The culture. The music. The costumes. The languages. The characters.
#1: The respect for this world was ON POINT.

And with respect, comes the complexity that can only be found at the heart of a truly interesting world.

The Villain

My review-ish of The Last Jedi—I cut it into a rant of sorts, because of how much time has passed.

So, it's been long enough. Too long actually that I doubt anyone gives a %$#@ about my opinion. With that in mind, I'll keep it short, more of a rant, given that you've already read dozens if not hundreds of these things.

Overall, the quick and easy rating system:
7-8 out of 10* (mostly for some big moments and nostalgia)
6-7 out of 10* (those moments removed)
5-6 out of 10* (when you really dig into the plot as presented)

And I kinda bounce somewhere along all three depending upon who I'm talking to about it.

So while I'm not conflicted about whether I liked it, I'm conflicted about how good it actually was.
As in, which is more important: How a movie makes you feel or How well the story actually unfolds.

Going off memory, let's begin with the characters—

Poe Dameron
In the last movie we learned that Poe was the best of the best of the best of the best.....
In the Last Jedi, we learn he's also a dick and the fact he's a dick leads to everything fa…