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IF you've read my book, stop by and see what I thought of these. If not, read my book then come back. :)

Healer's Ruin

Don't fight it, Ride it!, August 20, 2016 This review is from: Healer's Ruin (Kindle Edition) This novel intrigued me because its approach is totally unique.
But if you think it isn’t, ask your self: Have I read a work of fantasy where the lead isn’t a warrior, but a healer? No? You should.

Healer’s Ruin follows Chalos Garuma-Latharan, Slinger of the Black Talon in the army of the Ten Plains King, whose focus is healing magic and if you’ve ever read some Old School High Fantasy or are a fan of RPGs (table top or video game) you know the importance of your healer. I know I do: “Protect the medic!” always followed any battle-cry when I was still playing.

What makes this story fun is Chalos’ position with the ranks, his need for them and their need of him, which often comes at odds with the violence of the day. And the violence can get a bit crazy given the power level and scale of O’Mara’s battles.

The style is modern, fast, a little rough and quick, v…