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Ink Master: Finale!

So who is the next INK MASTER? And what did he win with? 
If you didn't watch the final episode, you missed out on one helluva bitch-fest from alot of the failed contestants. Bunch of whiners. Grow Up! Aside from that, I'm glad Baby didn't win, nothing against her and I'm glad Kyle will be coming back next season, which I hope for the final doesn't have as many Jerry Springer-Moments as this one did...although it was fun to see Oliver and Nunez knock them down. :)

FACE OFF: Final Five!

So it's been awhile since I've said anything about Face OFF, so I'll jump right in and catch up:

1) Those Gone

Eddie: Well, once he started with the ghostly baseball player I knew where he was going with it and knew it was going to get him kicked off for it. Wasn't scary. Goofy yes, Cartoon-like, yes. Too bad.

Frank: Awesome this season and very talented, but by doing the gluttonous fat guy, something he was suggested not to do, it cost him. Honestly too, had he maybe worked out the head some more he might've slipped by cause the paint was great. 

RJ: Buddy, sorry, it was just bad; cute idea—not in a good way, because it didn't play to the judges and he should've known that.

Scott: Yea, everyone got the concept behind your art after learning about your father, but it could've been done better so the narration came through the makeup. 


2) Who Will WIN?

I really think it's either Tate or Laura's to win. If …


Yep, you've guessed it, despite my almost reading ban on all things Super Hero, I'm reading Marvel's InFiNiTy. It's Awesome!!!! but a word to the wise, if you're a little weak on your Marvel History, you might want to bone-up. :) There's a lot going on in this and plenty of breezed over info-dumps that can easily get you lost—think Hard SciFi. My advice, read it, but take it slow; it's worth it. I mean, damn ***SPOILER*** THANOS has a kid?????
 So I love everything Batman and a close runner-up is Superman, but anything artist Jae Lee touches, yeah, well, it cries out to me. I just can't get over his amazing depiction of these (and other) legendary characters—they need to be in museums.
Then there's the Manhattan Project, which is only getting better and better.  I'm so glad I came across this gem and every issue is sweeter than the last. :)
Finally, there's Saga, which as "Book Of The Year" implies—if you're not reading it, I…