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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ink Master!

What can I say, I love this show.
I'm still a novice with tattoos: I have 5 small ones and a big back piece that's unfinished; but this show has taught me to really make sure I get what I pay for. Also, to realize what I'm paying for is worth it—I don't want to be around my family or friends with busted tattoos.

This season has started off great. Let's do the Need-To-Knows:
1) Everyone is glad M.M (can't say his name without laughing) is gone; his mouth killed me, but Chris Nunez shot him down when he tried to defend his tattoo. Don't remember the line and couldn't find it online, but it was great. Go back and watch the episode and you'll see what I'm talking about.
2) James "Danger" Harvey got a raw deal; his client was a pain and sent him packing. 
3) Everyone needs to gun for Craig Foster. He's the one to watch right now.

The rest of the cast kinda rides the middle, some highs, some one is shining every week; don't get me wrong though, lots of their tattoos look good, but when you deep-dive into them is where you see who can(t) be the next Ink Master.

This has been a very tough season of Ink Master so far, the judges are bringing it to them hard.
I love it!!!!

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