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Ink Master GETS REAL!

My bad, I'm three episodes behind in posting. Sue me. :) No, don't, I'm poor. 
Neo-Traditional The artists (working in teams) had to do a male and female image.  Everyone did faces except one team.
Bubba can't draw. Even with a reference he made the male a different ethnicity. How didn't he know the guy wasn't Asian? It was just bad. His partner, Jim, well, his was ugly.  Sausage and Melissa worked well together. Sausage ended up having best tat of the day.  Gentle Jay and Lydia came out ok. Her's had a few more issues, but they both allowed a purple blob to mess up their overall good composition.  Halo and Kyle...I thought Halo's was good, just too dark. On the other hand, Kyle's was funky; the head/neck was busted, making it look odd.  Now, here's the meat of it: King and Keith. I agree, their canvas was a %$#@^. A HORRIBLE CLIENT. If he ever walked into their shops (likely any shop in the future that recognizes him) they would've kicked h…

FACEOFF: Final 4!!!

Well, if you can count, you know I'm already over by one.
1) Daran Holt isn't here any more. He went out on a sorry robot, but it was his first one, so we won't hold it against him too much. He had some great builds. He'll be missed. 
2) Let's see if any of my predictions were right... 
So I said George was great. He's still here. I said Tyler and Niko were both very strong. Boom! Still here. I said Rashaad and Daran :( were the two best, but was leaning more towards Rashaad. 4 out of 5ain't to shabby.
Now—(coughing, clearing throat)—I did say Chole was my orig favorite to win, though I added "we'll see" and since I haven't posted anything since then, well, I was right to add the disclaimer on the end.
3) I don't think Graham should've gone out on his Mole Man. Also, I didn't think his Mad Scientist was bad either. If you've ever seen Akira, then you'd see how the Mad Scientist with the long nasty arm resembled that…

Live interview with the Fantastic Sherri Rabinowitz!

Thanks again to my friend Sherri

*Here's the link, it will take a few seconds to open after you've clicked the PLAY button: LINK

It was a lot of fun. Please Share and RT if you enjoyed it.
Finally, here are some other questions we didn't get to because of our fun gabbing:

Q: When you go through your need to write time do you make deals with your friends and family?

    Well, since I do 75% of it really late at night and I’m mostly a homebody outside of my day job, it’s not so hard to get the time I need to get my mostly finished thoughts on the computer. The problem is, since my craft is mostly a hack’n’slash style and I’ve only two days off a week, one usually spent with my wife or some kinda mission of every-day-life, I really only get one good full day to write, that is, to create—whether that ends up being good creations or things I eventually throw away. It’s the process. 

Q: Does reading a good book ignite your imagination?

    Of course. You can see the way thin…