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Infinity Gauntlet....I mean, War. I meant War.

Ok, I've waited long enough and again, you've all likely talked about this epic movie to death.

So, let's talk about it some more. :)

First, let's jump into the rating: 8 out of 10.

You can guess all the reasons why it's 8
* Action was awesome.
* Cast was awesome.
* Seeing all the amazing characters together was awesome.
* Scale was awesome (NY, SPACE, WAKANDA)
* Dialogue between characters was awesome.

Ok, now, why wasn't it a 10 out of 10?

Can you guess?

THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Spoilers ahead.

*I mean it.

*I'm not kidding.

The Ending:

Nope, I'm not really a fan of the ending.
Because as it's become more apparent since seeing the movie for some, I KNEW while watching, that the Deaths were bullshit. And yes, that matters to me.

Why does it matter?
BECAUSE they couldn't actually pull the trigger—even with Thanos being the bad guy who they've hyped for a decade—and kill off character A, who needed to die, in my opinion, inorder to show a tr…