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Art Work Update

While Black Bed Sheet Books is finalizing my first-round editing package—both looking forward to it and dreading it—I'll tell you I'm in the second+ week of art work.

I’ve been working with the wonderful Angela R. Sasser who has taken the challenge of unscrambling my mind into amazing images that everyone will love.

Here’s what she said about it so far:

"This first sketch of the Vulcan wasn't quite correct but was a great starting point for discovering the difference between what looks like space age tech and what looks like a level of technology a little more down to earth in the updated concept sketch."

*The very, very First Concept Sketch isn't here
*The Second-First Concept Sketch is to the far right
*The Final Concept Sketch is the darkest, front and back

"I generated ideas for the Vulcan using a program called Alchemy, which specializes in the random generation of shapes.  This was the perfect process to come up w…

Our Hero

Jak Hartlen, 19, the son of William and Mary, will face many thresholds of flesh and mind on his road to reaping the Whirl Wind; seeds of grief and guilt only now coming to fruition.

If only they’d know what they were doing:
(You must read Genesis to find out what The Enemy did. Sorry.)

However, I can tell you abit of the consequences... 

The Gan and their Areht who shape the world behind the scenes will hate him, because he's a threat they're not sure can be chained.

The Pillars and their Faithful who spread the world's leading religion will fear him, because his existence, once known, will challenge Ages of dogma and accepted history.

The Crimson King and its Servants, who seek to return to power, destroying all that remains of The White, will hunt him, because even in death, they're not sure he'll ever bow to The Dark.

—They All Should.

For as One of Five with the power to shake the world, they will hollow his heart and mind through countless sacrifice and ven…

A blurb about Genesis

The true test of Man, is to see if he can stand naked before himself without blinking.
The same trial of existence for a God, however, even one created, is if when he blinks, will he change or the world...

Publisher Blurb:
Genesis: Book One of The Kingdom Come Series, is an ambitious (at times made me crazy) speculative fiction story in the epic tradition of Dune, The Dark Tower and A Song of Ice and Fire. Blending various gritty elements of Steam/Dieselpunk and the brutality of sword-wielding Dark Fantasy into something all its own, this stand alone manuscript's cross-over appeal ranges from the Newbie, to the mature, Science Fiction and Fantasy book lover. And once caught in its exciting pages, you'll quickly learn what really separates Man from that which is truly Evolved.

Back Blurb:
After a year of laborious solitude and a conflict brought to the doorstep of his father's house, Jak, a Southlander of meek circumstance, will come to accept the future isn't set.…

About Me

So, today is the first post. Yes! Bare with me though, never blogged before.

At 31, I’m the youngest of three children (the only boy) born in NY, but raised in the southern United States. Exciting, I know. After attending two colleges, my love of story telling continued with me in spite of various career choices—for some of those I use "choices" loosely. Till now, I’ve not only completed my first book Genesis, but it's being published by Black Bed Sheet Books! I’m married to a wonderful woman and have my first child on the way. Huzzah! I have one dog. I just bought my first home. I love to travel. I’ve been to Ireland, Germany (the airport counts), England, France, Amsterdam and several states in the US. Many seen only from the highway, but again, like the airport, they count.

Finally, besides writing or catching up on my comic books, there are times I could lounge all day.  

The Masters: Frank Herbert, JRR Tolkien, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Allan Moore, S…