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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Face OFF2

And another bites the dust. 
I re-post this pic simply because I find it odd that they're sitting beside each other. Odd.

Anyway, if you saw the episode I'm so late talking about you know that Samantha Allen is gone. 
Was it her fault? Yes and No.
Yes = 'Cause she didn't speak up about the horrible idea her team went with but also because her makeup wasn't really that great—we'll expand upon this in a moment.
No = 'Cause even if she did, I don't think Miranda Jordy would've listened (which will likely end up biting her later) and I don't think co-rookie Eddie Holecko would've backed her up: I don't have the video at hand, but I'm almost positive he didn't really say anything or question Jordy's idea. 

Now, to my overall issue with this latest makeup 

Honestly, how many makeups felt like Frankenstein? 
Or do all reanimated corpses + bride always =                                        

I don't think they do or that they should.

I can only go so far as saying they were—the best—more Frankenstein-ish than the others and I don't feel I'm being harsh when I suggest this. And my reason for this non-apparent issue was exposed when Kevin Grevioux blatantly called out the Borg-look to the team's makeup. 
If something is sooooooo recognizable as one thing instead of another—and that wasn't the point—than that's a failure and that's before including the makeup issues with the hands, forgetting to put tubing in both places.

The only other failure had to do with Lyma Millot's body painting. 
Lucky for her she didn't go home for it, and I think her team might've said something to her or mentioned it while working—she should've listened, because at the end of the day it's a contest and she'll have to get better if she wants to stay. 

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