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It just keeps getting better and better!

Just when you thought it couldn't be so long and involved, here's another rundown for the cover.

Angela to me:

"So now we've gone one step further using the sketches we've made so far.

Other things to take note of: The rays of light within the Vulcan around Jak's head are to be needles and diodes and not rays of light at all. Also, on the back cover you might notice rough patches of white floating about. These are meant to be embers from a flame 'off camera' that are floating into the foreground.

The distortion of rays radiating from around the Vulcan are meant to have that 'bleeding' effect, which moves into the back cover over Duward some.

Sadly, I don't think there's anything we can do about the Vhendo being covered by text on the back aside from having a very short back blurb OR doing an extreme close up of his face and not showing any supporting characters at all.

****This issue has already been fixed****

Otherwise, the placement of everything else is how it is intended to be on the final, with the final image to be far more detailed and polished.

What say you?"

We're getting closer and closer!

So, that looks pretty awesome! Right?
Yea, it's pretty awesome!
We're not done.

Angela to me:

"Righty, so an amazingly helpful artist friend of mine critiqued the cover for me and gave me some ideas in a paint-over that I wanted to forward along to you.
1) The overall values have been pushed.
2) The the text has been simplified, so it integrates more with the image at this moment.
3) The angle on the face off with the Vhendo has been changed so that it's been pushed down to miniature to allow for text space.
I like the addition of little lights inside of the Vulcan's innards as well. Adds more to the tech feel."

Angela has since taken the critique, modified her original and now we're working on colors.
It's coming along so nicely.
How awesome is this cover going to be!

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I have seen it. Better than expected.

*Star Lord and Mystique deliver :)