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2nd Art Update

 Ok, so we're already moving into the final stages, but here's an email from Angela to me:
"Thumbnails have finally arrived! 
Before you take a look at them, I must preface your experience by saying that they are very basic and undetailed at the moment.  I am still hammering out the specific look of the individual characters (which she is doing now) and rather than spend ages designing each one, but then possibly not using them, I want us to decide who should go in this image first. So by that notion, everyone, save for Jak, is a very basic silhouette placeholder, with my intent to define the space they'll take up and where they should be able to fit first. Once we decide on our winning thumbnail, then I will go about doing sketches to define the final characters.
The thumbnails for the most part show three variations for potential front/back cover setup. 
(Other promo materials will also be taken, rearranged from these images.) 
The front cover images are pretty self-explanatory as the centerpiece with Jak in the Vulcan.  The back covers require a little more explanation...
****To learn about the characters/creatures mentioned blow, you'll have to read Genesis****
The 'Close Up' Back Cover Variant (1, 4 & 7) - For this back cover, I've chosen a close-up of Kalijah, with visions of the Vhendo interspersed between wires and winding tendrils of darkness expanding from The Vulcan.  I chose Kalijah because she is a very visually striking character, especially her eyes, and I feel her image would give the viewers a sense of the world of your book because of her 'alien' nature.
The 'Face Off' Back Cover Variant (2, 5, & 8) - Two characters face off with the Vhendo.  I personally envision these two characters to be Duward and Lady Sedi. Both have a very unique look, again providing some context of culture and visual appeal for your world.  I suspect Duward's pose will change—he's the foreground figure—to show more of his apelike method of walking and demeanor.  Numbers 2 and 5 show them facing off with a humanoid Vhendo riding another beastlike one, while 8 shows them fighting one giant menacing creature.
The 'Last Stand' Back Cover Variant (3, 6 & 9) - This back cover features an aerial shot of two characters standing their ground against a swarm of Vhendo. I envision this to be Hamid and Kalijah fighting back to back during the confrontation towards the end of book 1. Again, they have a great visual presence to them and would be a way to pique your reader's interest with the culture(s) of your world.  I also think the top left corner that's filled with Vhendo peeking in from the Darkness would be a great place to sneak in The Eye of -------------- as a bit of foreshadowing.
Other Random Thoughts - I had thought to include Jak holding his father's sword in 1, 2 &'s a very striking image, considering the King Arthur-esque symbolism of a 'sleeping king' about to wake up and rain down some ass whoopin'."

Awesome, right!
Depending upon certain things in the future, not sure how much more art I'll cover in the blog.
I don't want to give away too much.
Remember, you can see Angela's work and learn more about her at


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