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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Sooooo, it isn't exactly that I lied.
Yes, I wasn't sure if I was going to do another art update, but now, after seeing Angela's work, I pretty sure I need to show it. You can't blame me or be mad at me, I mean, you can, but, what'd you going to know you want to see it too.

Angela to me:

"Here are the first of four very rough sketches to knock out the overall look, feel, color options, for the characters.  I started with Duward, since his description came first and he's a bit more complex than the others due to his anatomy.
The 1st pose is a rough anatomy base to get an idea of how Duward's posture is when on all fours. 
The 2nd is when he might be standing up straight (his legs are in extreme foreshortening, which is why his lower legs might seem ultra short).  
The 3rd's a basic facial sketch to define his look.  I've given him a bit of graying hair in the ends of his beard and in the chops area.  

I am thinking those trousers are more capri length that stop mid-calf with a split in the sides to allow him full mobility. 

Since his back will most likely be to the viewer, as we have in the cover's thumbnail, I think his short jacket would be an excellent place to have a sigil or symbol of some sort. Perhaps we can add the owl/moon emblem to his jacket's back?
****To learn what the Owl/Moon emblem represents, you'll have to read Genesis****

Duward was tons of fun for me.
I'm too used to drawing pretty womenfolk so he was a pleasant change of pace!"

I love her last lines the most. Glad she had so much fun.

To learn more about Angela and he work

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