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Live interview with the Fantastic Sherri Rabinowitz!

Thanks again to my friend Sherri

*Here's the link, it will take a few seconds to open after you've clicked the PLAY button: LINK

It was a lot of fun. Please Share and RT if you enjoyed it.
Finally, here are some other questions we didn't get to because of our fun gabbing:

Q: When you go through your need to write time do you make deals with your friends and family?

    Well, since I do 75% of it really late at night and I’m mostly a homebody outside of my day job, it’s not so hard to get the time I need to get my mostly finished thoughts on the computer. The problem is, since my craft is mostly a hack’n’slash style and I’ve only two days off a week, one usually spent with my wife or some kinda mission of every-day-life, I really only get one good full day to write, that is, to create—whether that ends up being good creations or things I eventually throw away. It’s the process. 

Q: Does reading a good book ignite your imagination?

    Of course. You can see the way things should done: dialogue, description, narration, detail and action; also, reading can easily help you to flush-out your own ideas. And it can be something so simple as a phrase or character or w/e that then awakens you to realize something you’d been struggling with for awhile. There’s also the times when you read something that allows you to finally have the courage to blend genres, cause, well, people used to and still sometimes do frown upon it. However, you have to be careful as Steven King said in his book on writing, that you don’t write what you’re reading, which is something I feel happens to many writers from time to time, at least in the beginning, though I’d bet even the most experienced writer finds himself walking that fine line considering how media is everywhere.

Finally, I will take this time now to add to one question, which I feel I didn't answer as well as I should've—nervousness, it sucks. :) Anyway, the question was something about "Giving a taste of the best part of my story, what I want the reader to take away from it." I kinda then gave an overall/theme as it relates specifically to the key protagonist.

Keep the words of Kyle Reese in mind, "Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.
 Here's what I left out:
"The take-away from my story is what the conflict between what is (Truly) Good and (Truly) Evil really means; rare as they should be represented in any story. The Light part is easy, I don't think many writers get these degrees of goodness wrong according to their story. I do, however, feel that sometimes the degrees of EVIL or what's represented as Evil "The Enemy" isn't always made as brutal or dark as it should be and very often than not, Evil is also made to be, well, dumb; making Evil stupid, allows the Good to survive and escape to fight another day or to win when you wonder why Evil wasn't better prepared. I try my best not to do those things; that is, write myself into such a corner. If the varying shades of  EVIL are to be feared, really feared, across the entirety of the series, they can't become a joke. We all know the jokes about Storm Troopers, right? Ok, so my baddies and their bosses won't become jokes like that, the heroes will always fear/respect them. The characters who don't (as does happen) well, you'll know what color shirts they'll end up wearing before long. My Star Trek Fans know what I'm talking about."


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