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Thursday, April 10, 2014

FACEOFF: Final 4!!!

Well, if you can count, you know I'm already over by one.

1) Daran Holt isn't here any more. He went out on a sorry robot, but it was his first one, so we won't hold it against him too much. He had some great builds. He'll be missed. 

2) Let's see if any of my predictions were right... 

So I said George was great. He's still here.
I said Tyler and Niko were both very strong. Boom! Still here.
I said Rashaad and Daran :( were the two best, but was leaning more towards Rashaad.
4 out of 5 ain't to shabby.

Now—(coughing, clearing throat)—I did say Chole was my orig favorite to win, though I added "we'll see" and since I haven't posted anything since then, well, I was right to add the disclaimer on the end.

3) I don't think Graham should've gone out on his Mole Man. Also, I didn't think his Mad Scientist was bad either. If you've ever seen Akira, then you'd see how the Mad Scientist with the long nasty arm resembled that Anime and many others. OH WELL.
4) I liked Niko's Industrial Robot, even if I'm the only one. :)
5) While I like Daran and was said he went, if he had to go, he should've gone for his Freak of Nature makeup. 
***The whole "Mutant" thing, didn't feel Mutant/X-Men at all, as it was meant to. Everyone's felt like an animal/insect human hybrid. Only Niko and Daran's, though his failed, felt like a Hero/Villain Mutant. Hell, Rashaad's later robot looked more like a Hero Mutant than his Freak of Nature makeup.***

6) I think I had issues with all the Vampires from the last episode, but that's just me.
How do you think their upcoming Werewolves will work with their Vampires since I'm thinking each of those V-types are without a corresponding native Werewolf?


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