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Ink Master GETS REAL!

My bad, I'm three episodes behind in posting. Sue me. :) No, don't, I'm poor. 

The artists (working in teams) had to do a male and female image. 
Everyone did faces except one team.

Bubba can't draw. Even with a reference he made the male a different ethnicity. How didn't he know the guy wasn't Asian? It was just bad. His partner, Jim, well, his was ugly. 
Sausage and Melissa worked well together. Sausage ended up having best tat of the day. 
Gentle Jay and Lydia came out ok. Her's had a few more issues, but they both allowed a purple blob to mess up their overall good composition. 
Halo and Kyle...I thought Halo's was good, just too dark. On the other hand, Kyle's was funky; the head/neck was busted, making it look odd. 
Now, here's the meat of it: King and Keith. I agree, their canvas was a %$#@^. A HORRIBLE CLIENT. If he ever walked into their shops (likely any shop in the future that recognizes him) they would've kicked him to the curb. Rightfully so. And what made it worse, he couldn't SIT! Are you Kidding me? How the hell do you go in for a tattoo, with his attitude and not be able to sit for it? So, the douche taps out, King tattoos himself to stay in the game and Keith cries about it.

That's right, Keith and Bubba were sent packing. 

You guessed it, they had to cover some old busted or regretted tattoos.

WTF do you mean JIM is "partially" color blind? WTF!!!! You could see through it based upon his color choices. 
King's didn't cover. Bad color choices. Bad design to cover with. Yellow is like the F-U color when doing a coverup. 
Jay, well, his covered but you knew it was a coverup cause of the giant HAT and the overall tattoo wasn't up to par given the level of the game. 
Everyone else either skated-by or did an overall good tattoo, except Kyle, his ended up being HUGE and totally unnecessary and odd to wear. Which is why he got a rough call-out by Nunez about being a "pigeon holed" artist.

In the end, King and Jim got bounced. 
I'll say this. King was a man about it. He's a beast and though his skills aren't where they will be one day, I think he's a badass for doing what he did and acting how he did throughout the show. 


Ok, so we all know what happened in his ep. 
Kyle's been throwing a huge tantrum since he's been on the show, even last season. So finally he had enough of his inadequacies and lashed out at Nunez, which got him removed from the show. And the funny part about it, is when asked directly if he was doing better than Scott, Sausage or Matti (though unmentioned) he paused. Kyle isn't a horrible tattooer, but he can't handle the pressure, not being able to pick'n'n choose what/when/where/why/how he has to work. It's a contest. It's business and Kyle's been a baby about about it since the word GO. So it was time for him to go.

After they played with explosives—cool gunpowder art on large canvases— everyone had to do DEMON tattoos. 
Matti's was very good. Of course.
Scott's was very good, but not really so much a demon as it was horror, so that hurt him.
Halo, who is often a front runner, over did it and made it unreadable. 
Sausage, who had a ^%$#* for a canvas, ended up doing an outstanding tat. 
Lydia's tat wasn't bad, but was weak compared to everyone else. 
Melissa made a demon turtle—I thought the same the moment I saw it—and while that doesn't make it bad, her background kinda messed things up.

In the end, Lydia's time was up and like King, she went out like a pro, which will allow her to continue her tattooing with pride. She can do really good work, but admitted this type of setting was too much for her. Some of the previous artists, well, I can't believe how they acted—They do realize they were being filmed, right?


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