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Two Things!

1) If you're not watching're making my hart sad. :( This is an amazing show and for anyone that ever made fun Matthew McConaughey, I challenge you to watch this and not think how great of an actor he is. I'd say the same thing about Woody, but if you've ever seen Natural Born Killers, yeah, you pretty much already knew that about him.

2) What is happening to this show? 
More and more things about this season are bothering me, it's like they're spreading to fill. 
A) Carl's "growing up" episode. I feel like Carl should be beyond/over it. And how could he be so proficient and smart about killing Zombies and clearing houses/rooms in previous seasons, but make these silly mistakes? Truthfully, at some point, I was hoping that Rick was dead; if you beat a man near death so he's unconscious for that long *Brain Swell* yep, he-gonna-die in ZOMBIE WORLD.
B) Beth NEEDS A DRINK??? This was horrible to watch, but the whole time I was hoping it was her 21st birthday and then at least you could weave it into the plot, but NOPE. Then Daryl (the tracker, who meanwhile could've been finding others since Michoone got it done in quick time) get's drunk too? Again, I get what they were trying to do, but it all kinda felt forced. 
C) CAROL'S RETURN?!?!?!?  How the hell? What the &^%# and in the middle of the forest no less, exactly when she's needed. I nearly jumped out of my seat with this magical B.S. Seriously, writers of the world, you know what this is called.....
D) Tyreese, well, he's just the worst adult ever. He abandons the children (you two stay here with the INFANT, back to back, while I leave; oh, and if there's trouble, shoot and I'll come running...meanwhile you will've scattered or died and I'm likely not to find you. WTF!!! REMEMBER the little girl who ran from the zombies a few seasons back? Yep. What happened to here when Daryl couldn't find her...ya know, the TRACKER? I couldn't believe it and the show's rationality for his action was RETARDED. And what's with the one girl now killing bunnies? Why do we need a potential psychopathic subtext storyline...for a kid?
E) Glenn, who's really one of the smartest characters on the show, gets strategically handy-caped: passes out, taken by truck SEVERAL HOURS meaning Xmiles from his last assumed whereabouts of Maggie, only to have it, once needed for the return, then rendered useless, thereby forcing them to walk. Oh, and it was SOOOO important from them to save the world by going the other way that the new characters suddenly give up their own journey to help Glenn find his wife? Really? WTF??? AHHHGGGG! So Glenn is now dealing with the newest and worst characters on the show. I know everyone likes the new GI Joe Guy since he's from the comics, but he's annoying me—though maybe there's hope for him. His girlfriend looks trashy, an overall cop-out by writers. Honestly, she looks like a B-Move Reject and must die after spraining her ankle. And the dude with the mullet, yea, well, even if he is a scientist...not a Young Earth "Scientist" but a real one, which is laughable, he's got to die and DIE SOON. 

Lets just keep this season to Maggie, cause so far her's is the only believeable storyline.  


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