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Of course Elysium is at the top of my recent list. It was great, just as as I'd thought it 'd be. It was gritty and dark and brutal in ways that made it feel real, which is soooo important to me. Besides Matt's character and Jodie's limited screen time (I wish the movie was longer to give me more history/setting of her character :) ) my next favorite character perhaps isn't who you'd expect. Yes, it was awesome to see Sharito Copley play the bad ass instead of the goofy hero, but the character who really captured my unexpected attention was Jose Cantillo: The guy who in the preview is asking for the Bone Saw; he was just so cool looking, his concept—my mind raced with ideas about his back story.

Go see it. It was great.

Then there was this big pile of steamy let-down crap. 
Did anyone see this movie and like it? 
It was somewhere in the first 20min I accepted I'd hate it. 
One of it's few best reviews was something like "Riddick" A bit of B-Movie Heaven, now, is that what you go to the movies for...B-Movies? 

At the start, Riddick is made to look like a chump. I understand their intent, but it was just poorly done—more as a way to get Riddick out from the vast Empire he'd perhaps thoughtlessly inherited from the last movie, more than a way to re-ground him with fans. 
It took WAYYYYYYY too long to do, what essentially was, climb a stairway. I was kinda dying inside while watching this pointless process which only made the movie longer than it needed to be, the only thing that made me feel better was how this related to a moment I had years ago. 

Anyone play Final Fantasy VII? Ok, then you might remember the first time you're supposed to get a Chocobo. If you don't remember, the reason for getting it is to cross a big desert that's blocking a mountain pass, because if you don't, there's a HUGE SNAKE that will stomp you into the ground every time you try and walk across. 
I didn't realize this, so what did I do, did I research the right thing to do—did I take my time and talk to every character in town to learn the correct information needed to easily move through the game...HELL NO. I trained my characters to the point that I STOMPED that freaking HUGE SNAKE (which you weren't supposed to fight) only then to finally talk to the right person in the town outside the desert about renting a Chocobo. 
My bad :). So, since I'd gained all the levels needed to kill that HUGE SNAKE...I blew through the next huge chunk of the story without a problem.

And how does this relate to Riddick? Well, yeah, you guessed it, it took him FOREVER [movie time] to get through this pass blocked by a monster, only then to blow through the rest of the movie as if it didn't really matter.

I could go on about this movie, the lame humor, the senseless nudity, but I won't. Plz take my word for it, if you'd like to see it, wait till it's at Red Box or shows up years from now on your TV.

Finally, you know what's the worst part...I wanted to really like this movie. I wanted to love it. :(


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I have seen it. Better than expected.

*Star Lord and Mystique deliver :)