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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Funny...all over a cup of coffee :)

As an author, I find it very interesting how other writers formulate their ideas. I think I've tried everything: jot-list, flow-charts, recording myself, just writing and seeing what happens, which is often how I start; also why sometimes before I know it I'm lost in my own world...but I've never had this happen.

The other day I was out with my wife and after about 20min sitting at a local coffee shop, yep, you guessed it, I plotted out nearly the entire outline for Book Two of the Kingdom Come Series.

Insane, right?

For weeks I've been going over Part II of Faces in Shadow and Shadows with Faces (fringe stories/characters within my series that will each be woven into the whole after a time) while also cleaning up/working-out chapters I already know have to be in the sequel and then suddenly...BAM! The outline wrote itself.

I'll go ahead and say it, this book is going to be different in structure.

Book One, for the most part, was linear: all the characters moved as one, picking up new plots/characters along the way. The end gets a bit busy: what can I say, a Battle Zone is Hell; by that point though, you're very familiar with everyone so it's easy to flow back and forth.

This one is going to be broken up into three parts/sections—main characters, as funny as it happened, are nearly dived up equally. Of course, the three stories interconnect at various points, two perhaps joining into one near the end. Maybe they're subdivided again? :)?

To make it easier for those maybe scratching their heads, think of the LOTR: Two Towers, even Return of the King. Remember how groups of characters (I think 4 at one point) went their separate ways...YEP, that's what's happening here and for those of you who've already finished Genesis, perhaps you can already guess what the groups will be. 

Alright, back to work.


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