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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Art Work Update

While Black Bed Sheet Books is finalizing my first-round editing package—both looking forward to it and dreading it—I'll tell you I'm in the second+ week of art work.

I’ve been working with the wonderful Angela R. Sasser who has taken the challenge of unscrambling my mind into amazing images that everyone will love.

Here’s what she said about it so far:

"This first sketch of the Vulcan wasn't quite correct but was a great starting point for discovering the difference between what looks like space age tech and what looks like a level of technology a little more down to earth in the updated concept sketch."

*The very, very First Concept Sketch isn't here
*The Second-First Concept Sketch is to the far right
*The Final Concept Sketch is the darkest, front and back

"I generated ideas for the Vulcan using a program called Alchemy, which specializes in the random generation of shapes.  This was the perfect process to come up with something new and completely unexpected for the overall shape of the machine."

Looks B.A doesn't it? Yea, you can say it, you know it does! She did such a great job.

Hmmm? Guess you don't know what "The Vulcan" is yet do you?
Well, guess you're just going to have to read Genesis to find out.

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