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About Me

So, today is the first post. Yes! Bare with me though, never blogged before.

At 31, I’m the youngest of three children (the only boy) born in NY, but raised in the southern United States. Exciting, I know. After attending two colleges, my love of story telling continued with me in spite of various career choices—for some of those I use "choices" loosely. Till now, I’ve not only completed my first book Genesis, but it's being published by Black Bed Sheet Books! I’m married to a wonderful woman and have my first child on the way. Huzzah! I have one dog. I just bought my first home. I love to travel. I’ve been to Ireland, Germany (the airport counts), England, France, Amsterdam and several states in the US. Many seen only from the highway, but again, like the airport, they count.

Finally, besides writing or catching up on my comic books, there are times I could lounge all day.  

The Masters: Frank Herbert, JRR Tolkien, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Allan Moore, Steven King, Brian Jacques and too many more to name them all.

Then, there was always my weekend RP Group. They were such a great sound board.

Alright, that's enough about me.
Checkout Wade Garret on FB to learn more, see what I'm up to.


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Finally, my review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This is going to be a stream of thought, rather than a planned out, book-report style review. I hope to cover several points, but, if I miss or neglect some, I'm sure you won't care—you've already read far too many reviews of this movie anyway. So, does it really matter that yet another unknown is throwing his Two Cents into the wind for whoever to read? I didn't think so. And, to further the point, the next time something like Star Wars gets placed in my lap, maybe then I'll have real room to critique. This is just for fun and because I'm a geek. For me, blogging about this stuff is the next best thing to sitting around with friends and going over and over all the little details for hours on end. I mean, I'd like to stay married. :)

Ok, first things first: I enjoyed this movie. To me, it was a solid B (reasons to follow) I enjoyed the return to Old Movie Magic. I enjoyed the equal mix of CGI and FX and Costumes and Settings and all that jazz. It was good.…

The NaNoWriMo Diet—Guest Post: Michael R. Fletcher Author of Beyond Redemption

  The NaNoWriMo Diet

It's tempting to let this devolve into a humor piece and talk about my love affair with whiskey and how sometimes, when my brain won't shut-up and let me sleep, I bludgeon it into submission with liberal doses of Jameson. But no. I'm gonna keep this serious. Well, mostly serious.

My suspicion is that successful writers all have at least a little OCD. Who else would sit for hours on end mashing away at the keyboard with their face? What, you don't type like that? Weird.

Smarter writers (or at least those capable of obsessing over more than one thing at a time) will pay attention to their physical and health-related needs as well as their daily word count. Unfortunately I'm not one of those. I can either obsess about my health or work on a book. In the past I would write a book and then, in the time between writing and editing, exercise like mad in an attempt to shed some of the gained pudge. I used to joke that I gained ten pounds with every novel …


I have seen it. Better than expected.

*Star Lord and Mystique deliver :)