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Black Panther (review)

I've seen it and the review will be coming, safe to say, it's now tied as my favorite MARVEL TITLE/Single-Hero movie. The other being Captain America: Winter Solider (and if you know the history between Black Panther and Cap, this makes perfect sense :))

Ok. Wow. So, yeah, I'm soooooooooo far behind on this review it's basically pointless to write.
Too bad I'm still going to do it, but it's not going to be nearly as long or as indepth as it might've been had I not been a lazy ass.



The best part of Black Panther, aside from the only other topic I'll briefly cover (because by now you all should've seen the movie at least twice) is how NEW and FRESH and NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE this world is.

The landscapes. The colors. The culture. The music. The costumes. The languages. The characters.
#1: The respect for this world was ON POINT.

And with respect, comes the complexity that can only be found at the heart of a truly interesting world.

The Villain

Killmonger made this movie for me.
The greatest potential for destruction wasn't from without, but within. #Asitshouldbe
Everything he hated, pushed him to become the worst/best he could possibly be, inorder to destroy and remake that which inspired and fueled his whole life. 
He was both:
A) Everything they said he was—always in the negative; as both shield and sword: all the tropes turned on their heads, wielded like tools for a greater goal that set him apart from all classifications/tribes "they" wished to box him in. 
B) Everything they were—elite; which everyone along the way did their best to not see in him or value beyond their means to use him or dismiss him.
And because of HOW he came to be...
HOW he chose (if a choice) to grow....
He remained a broken person and unable to see another path—or perhaps his POV wasn't blinded by the protections and pleasures of growing up in Wakanda, but growing up in America as a Black Man. 
Nevertheless, his existence forced T'challa to realize a truth: Wakanda wasn't perfect or without fault in a world they wished to hide from. 
 They could abandon or at best abstain from their duty, NO MORE. And that wouldn't have happened, without Killmonger challenging T'challa and the whole structure of Wakanda. 
In the end, like all great villains, he was T'challa's greatest teacher.

*My only ISSUEs
1-I wish more Spiritualism would've come into play. 
2-I wish some kinda African Magic would've been involved; not science or tec, but TRUE magic. I wish that's how Black Panther finally beat Golden Jaguar: That it turned out the Purple Flower and Suit weren't the last, but the first tools of the Black Panther. 
~But these are only the complaints of a writer who wishes he'd gotten his hands on something as badass as this to play around with for hundreds of millions of people to see and fall in love with. :)



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