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GENESIS: Book One of The Kingdom Come Series (All Reviews)

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Hazel Butler -   
This review is from: Genesis: Book One of the Kingdom Come Series (Kindle Edition)
"I found this novel to be a rare gem. I wasn't quite sure what I was getting when I bought it, but it came up on a search while I was researching something for my own book and, after a quick look at the blurb, I decided to order it and see what it was all about. Man am I glad I did! I wasn't entirely sure I was going to like it initially, but after the first couple of chapters I literally could not put it down. The characters are incredibly well drawn, with real depth. I became incredibly fond of Jak, and have been eagerly awaiting the next book since I closed this one. The worldbuilding throughout is particularly noteworthy - there are few world that have this kind of detail sustained through each and every area and level of the world. Massive thumbs up from me and highly recommended for anyone who enjoys intelligent Science Fiction."

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