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GENESIS: Book One of The Kingdom Come Series (All Reviews)

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Monday, December 15, 2014

FIRST BOOK GIVEAWAY is over...maybe not?

Thanks to everyone who entered to win the copies—it was awesome to see the numbers climb as more and more people learned about it. Reaching so many avid readers is all an author can hope for. Plenty of you also stopped by this blog, my FB and my Twitter. :) In the end, 278 people entered to win the free copies and of that, 155 people now have it on their to-read list. Cheers!

I really hope you enjoy it. 
*The books should be in the mail as soon as I get a day off to ship them*

To those who didn't win, I appreciate you taking the time to enter. Great to know a lot of F/SF fans are interested in my work. Now, if you'd like me to put more copies up for a giveaway, shoot me a message, but lets make a game of it. If 279 people direct tweet, email or FB message me that you'd be interested in another few copies offered through #Goodreads, I'll do it.

Lets see how long this takes. :)



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