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FaceOFF is BACK and it snuckup on me like a *&^%$#@ Ninja!

So, I missed the first episode and had to go back and watch it, nothing major, you could easily see who was the talent and who had it rough. Not sorry to say it, but the two who got sent home, while they might've had a little more to show, didn't have anywhere near the talent or applied-exp as many of the other cast members.

Ok, EP 2: The Horses as the Line Up already. :)
@cigneutron Is One To Watch.
@dinnarosecima Is dangerous with her paint. Even without going big, watchout for her.
@GeorgeTroester Could Take It All.
@KeaghlanAshley Another dangerous painter.

Everyone else kinda fell into the middle for one reason or another; not that they were bad, just didn't stand out. Most importantly, they survived by not making the horrifically stupid mistake of making a character named after a CLOCK into a RAT. I DON'T CARE that it was also apart of his nickname; not what the judges asked for. His partner skated by only because it wasn't HER idea, but going along with a bad idea is equally an issue in the long run, cause you can't be trusted to speak up about BAD IDEAS and if they go to far, crap the bed.

Finally, the judges—more than once, about 3 or so characters—said it isn't a good idea to play the idea "right on the nose". A lie: The Shark Gangster wasn't on the nose it was IN YOUR FACE, but it's only saving grace was how good it was. So the lesson is, you can play it Right On The Nose, but you've got to execute it masterfully to get away with it. 



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