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GENESIS: Book One of The Kingdom Come Series (All Reviews)

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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Yep, you've guessed it, despite my almost reading ban on all things Super Hero, I'm reading Marvel's InFiNiTy. It's Awesome!!!! but a word to the wise, if you're a little weak on your Marvel History, you might want to bone-up. :) There's a lot going on in this and plenty of breezed over info-dumps that can easily get you lost—think Hard SciFi. My advice, read it, but take it slow; it's worth it. I mean, damn ***SPOILER*** THANOS has a kid?????

 So I love everything Batman and a close runner-up is Superman, but anything artist Jae Lee touches, yeah, well, it cries out to me. I just can't get over his amazing depiction of these (and other) legendary characters—they need to be in museums.

Then there's the Manhattan Project, which is only getting better and better. 
I'm so glad I came across this gem and every issue is sweeter than the last. :)

Finally, there's Saga, which as "Book Of The Year" implies—if you're not reading it, I don't know what you're doing...except if you're reading my book, but after you should pickup Saga. :)

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